Long Island Web DesignIf you hire Damocles, you will have a company with complete knowledge of the internet, web design, web development, web services including:

Easy to use content manager

  • For posting news, it’s easy as sending an email
  • We have different managers to fit the needs and budgets of clients, including WordPress, Joomla, Coranto, vBulletin, and PHPBB.

Full on site training for local customers

  • Will travel anywhere within the New York Metropolitan Area
  • We also have offices in Washington DC and will set up appointments there

Low cost and quick service

  • We can work to fit your budget
  • Can have a site working within hours
E-Commerce and Event Registration
  • Full E-Commerce Sites available
  • Event Registration Software to make your events go smoothly
  • All Payment Gateway Solutions available

Installation of message board software

  • Depending on the size of your community and your bells and whistles, there is a solution for you

RSS Feeds and Syndication

  • Get your message out all over the web
  • Free with content manager

Advertising Services

  • For certain clients we can set up web advertising so the client can profit from his or her traffic

SEO Services

  • We will design your site to be SEO friendly.
  • SEO Plans to optimize your site are available

Hosting services

  • Need a host? We will get it for you

Domain support

  • Get your own professional domain name with your plan

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