Long Island Web ServicesYou have the greatest site in the world but if no one comes to it, what is the purpose?

Designing a new site is just a tip of the iceberg.

Studies have shown over 85 percent of Internet traffic comes from search engines and your site needs to be optimized for best results on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


The online search engine marketplace has matured passed being a pure technical pursuit and success is now measured by tested business strategies. The first step to that success is to integrate your business plan into an online presence. When a clear business plan has surfaced it’s time to define an objective. The objective of Search Engine Optimization is to organically rank on Google’s front page for a set of keywords relevant to your portal. That is a mouthful that boils down to a simple goal: Visits in volume, from qualified buyers. The technical approach used to garner those qualified buyers will be described below.

Technical Approach

Website Analysis collects the basic data determining deficiencies of your site, strengths of your competitors and steps needed to begin site optimization. The analysis includes Keyword Strength and Difficulty Analysis, Target Audience, Competitor Research, Site File Structure, Site Index and Submission, Tag and Metadata Analysis, Web Crawler Test &Friendliness, Domain Age and Registration Check, Static IP & Server Performance Check, Rank Check, Term Targeting, Domain Name Keyword Cross Analysis, Directory Placement Discovery and Backlink Analysis.

Business Plan Integration will setup the technical process to create and market your online brand. Branding in the online marketplace is usually overlooked and the flow of information from the business unit to the site suffers. Every event, every new product will have a corresponding online event, such as a press release, to accompany it.

Directory Submission – The online marketplace is categorized similar to the yellow pages phone book. Submission to online directories allows both search engines and customers to find your business by category. Additionally, the world’s top search engine, Google, uses a human verified directory as a method of validation to increase a sites ranking.

Direct Response Copywriting creates new and unique content targeted to your audience that will help visitors turn into customers. Just as colors and images create a look and feel for your site, copywriting will create a mood and tone that helps turn a website visitor into a buyer.

Targeted Keyword Site Creation uses external sites specifically created to target a strong and relevant keyword chosen through the process of keyword analysis. It’s function is to rank in a higher position on a search engine when a customer searches for that same keyword than your primary  site can. Because the site is specifically created for that keyword phrase, it can naturally and organically rank higher than the primary site. Essentially it acts as a funnel to assist customers to your primary site.

Email Marketing is a natural extension of your business plan and is recommended to retain and inform current customers.

Reporting and Monitoring – Your site(s) will be monitored and adjusted daily with reports on performance and rankings being compiled every 3 weeks.

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